APF competes to get market size by send 3 innovations product to meet consumer

APF competes to get market size by send 3 innovations product to meet consumer
APF News Roi Thai ... Thai curry is made easier than you think. Prepare to expand the international market. Growth rates are more than 30%.
วันที่ 06-10-2554

3 Ampol food innovations for consumer, social and environment. New solution for Ampol food to make sale increase in 3rd and 4th quarter by innovation for consumer that is the new product innovation (ICEDREAM, pandan scented coconut milk and basil seasoning sauce)

ICEDREAM is ice cream that consists of real fruit juice 20% and 0% fat. It is one of another product that we have target to be 71 million baht in the end of this year with the special features. I expect this product will quickly satisfy the customer because the new designs, clean and non-preservative. It is different for other product in market. ICEDREAM is convenience to choose to eat at home or office because it not to buy from freezer but you can buy at supermarket or shops and freeze at home or office. Moreover, if you freeze and put outside but forget to eat, you can freeze it again with stable shape and delicious same as before. Kriengsak said.
After product Roi Thai hold a market inside and outside country, now Ampol food launch new line of product in sauces. The first sauce that competes in the market is basil seasoning sauce. Kriengsak said that basil seasoning sauce will compete and can get 5% of market size in sauce market.
 For CSR, Ampol Food Processing LTD also continuous use Magic Box. They also give 5,000 recycle tables to school and also continue this project.
Mr. Kriengsak Theppadungporn, Managing Director of Ampol Food processing Ltd said in quarter3 we also continuous answer for need of consumer after we launch scented candle coconut milk for 2 years.Scented candle coconut milk get good response in the market but from survey, we can see that many deserts use pandan scented coconut milk so we invent new procedure and make chaokoh scented coconut milk.

Mr. Kriengsak Theppadungporn enhance that besides the magic box project, we also have many project that relate environment especially in environment inside and outside factory with the Green Factory project that also process to 80%.It also leave for digester biogas that invest for 60 million baht to digest waste include leftover object for processingin factory. Apart from biogas that we can use to be energy in factory it help to release waste and smell to be outside factory. Another project is WOOD PLASLET project that company cooperate with Suranaree University of Technology to create innovation to crush coconut fiber that lightly to be piece from waste of coconut to be bio piece that can burn to be energy in electricityto be use in factory that reduce cost of electricity for 30 million baht per year.

Coconut milk brand Chaokoh is one of product from Ampol food that get carbon label from TBCSD. It is the effects of Ampol food that push in conserve environment, attend in all procedure, use all material to be effective and not remain the piece that damage environment .Chaokoh get the carbon label but it does not mean it only help to reduce carbon in ozone 20%.It also show that Ampol food attend in conservative for environment.
The last innovation is innovation for social by cooperate with dentalinnovation and 4 alliances to create jelly nutrition or soft jelly that help oral cavity cancer people.

Nowadays, oral cavity cancer is the most dangerous oral cavity disease. Patient for this disease has a chance to death 45%.This cancer is in the group of head and neck. Now oral cavity cancer and pharynx cancer use method of surgery with radiation that good for beginning but many patients will face with problem of occlusion organ and side effects for radiation are problem for palate and salivary gland will produce less of salvia that cause decayed tooth. All of these cause patients to be can’t eat and use tube feeding to eat. So develop food product for oral cavity cancer patient to eat by mouth, easily to swallow and get energy will be benefit to make patients quality of life improved.