A soup   that   has light   green
color   from  the chili  of  green
curry    mix   with   intense    of
fresh coconut milk. The tastes
will salty first, then sweet and
soft spicy.

A traditional soup with    bright
orange has the flavors of sour,
salty   and  sweet.    And  it has
a variety   by   add    vegetables
to enhance  color  of  the  soup
to be more delectable.

A soup, in the type of hot curry,
has   less   of   coconut    milk.
Appearances   of    soup    are
less water with a strong flavor
and a little spicy sweet.


A   soup,   mixture  of spices  and
herb, has been  influenced  from
India. The tastes are full flavored
and fragrant.

A soup consists   of   roasted
chili   curry,   pound  from  dry
chili sauce, cumin, coriander
root,  galangal,   lemongrass,
kaffir    lim  skin, garlic    and
onion, mix with coconut milk
and meat.

Curry from Iran that is popular
in Muslim. The tastes of  curry
are salty.

A soup is mixture with   coconut
milk, a little smells from spices
and fulfill with Thai herb.

Another Thai   curry  that taste
is unbeatable. With a  mixture
of chili  that    increase   smell,
spicy   and  color   that   make
popular for many people.

The origin of spicy soup    has
the spices to help  enhancing
flavors, smells and can be as


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